Why You Have To Fail To Have A Successful Business

January 23, 2013

Internet Marketing Advice

Failure Is Not The End of The World…If You Know How To Use It

As a young entrepreneur, you’re probably feeling the fear of failure more than most of your peers who are happy with a shitty, boring job that they hate.

And, rightly so.  As an entrepreneur you will not get paid to simply show up and check Facebook all day.

However on the flip side, as A BOSS you  won’t face the dreaded pink slip, mundane assignments or stupid office parties with people you really don’t like.

Ugh there is nothing worse than eating preservative laden cake with assholes.

The bottom line is this:  you have to be willing to fail in your career and your business at least once if you’re going to be wildly successful.

And you have to be willing to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes and failures.  Obviously you can have a few days to wallow and drink heavily if you need to.  But eventually you have to pull your shit together and take stock of where you’re at.

What can you learn from your mistakes and failures?  How can you improve yourself and your business?

How can you be a better person, leader and entrepreneur?

If you’re not willing to fail then you’re not willing to be successful.  Bottom Line!

Check out this inspiring video and learn to harness the power of failure in your business:


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