Why Should I Do Business With You?



Why Should I Do Business With You?

If you can’t answer this question then how can your prospects answer it?

It all starts with your Unique Awesomeness aka your Unique Selling or Value Proposition.

What makes you better and different than the competition and how can you convey this Unique Awesomeness to the world?

Hold up girl, you’re starting to sound like your mother (she likes to fire off a zillion questions in one breath).

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Before you create your beautiful branding, before you write your first piece of web copy, before you even open your doors, you absolutely need to know the following:

1- Your target audience:

Who is your ideal customer or client?

What are their biggest pain points?

How can you solve their biggest problems and relieve their biggest pains?

2- Your Unique Awesomeness:

What is unique and awesome about your product, service or experience?

What is unique about the way you solve your prospects biggest problems?

3- Your solutions:

How will your prospects, patients and customers’ lives improve with your   products and services?

Don’t freak out!  It’s never too late to make these discoveries.  It’s fine if you’ve created your branding; it’s fine if your website is already up and running but it’s not fine if you’ve decided that you don’t need to think about these important questions at all.

I 10000% guarantee you that the big players out in the market place (Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Dixie Elixers, Harborside Health…) have taken the time to discover their Unique Awesomeness and if you have even a tiny shot at competing with companies like theirs you’ve got to get CLEAR on why you’re UNIQUE and AWESOME!

Because guess what?  You and your products and services ARE unique and awesome so let it all shine!