Turning Darkness Into Day


I just read an incredible article on Beth Woosley’s blog, “On Sitting in the Ash & Mourning with the World.”

Right now the world is feeling quite apocalyptic and I, like many people, am feeling helpless, scared and sad.  I’ve done everything within my power to volunteer and donate to the causes, people and animals that need me.  I meditate and pray each and every morning.  I try to be kind to friends and strangers alike. I try to own my shit and try to let others find their way to theirs.

However, it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  Yes I trust the perfection of our world, the divine timing of all things and our Earth’s incredible ability to regenerate and keep on truckin’.

However, it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

So maybe it’s ok that it doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  Maybe it’s ok that it’s probably not “enough”.

I mean WTF does “enough” really mean anyway?

Maybe we all need to just sit in the ash and mourn the world.  Maybe our silent tears are what’s being called forth at this insane moment in time.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re all ENOUGH.  Maybe those of us who are being called to serve, meditate, pray, volunteer, donate and just be kind F**K’n people are doing ENOUGH.

So today as the bones of one of my favorite forests rain their ashes down on my fair city, I ask Great Spirit to hold me in her hands and rock me like a baby.  I ask that my people be forgiven for all of our mistakes.  I ask for guidance to keep on doing what seems like the right thing.

I ask my friends, family, customers, clients and followers to do the same.  If everyone does just a little, then we will all be doing “enough.”

With love.