Turn Socializing Into Profit at Networking Events

As a cannabusiness entrepreneur you may be overwhelmed by the insane amounts of conferences and networking events that you are invited to.

The idea of networking, schmoozing and handing out business cards can be downright scary and awful for many people.  However, networking when done properly can be the fuel to the fire of your success.

Not only is networking useful for learning from the successes (and failures) of the people you meet but the benefits of creating a network and establishing your own authority in this new industry are massive.

For many people the idea of networking is scary. It may seem worthless and unimportant.  Many people feel nervous and anxious about how to start conversations and more importantly how to make the networking actually worth something for their business.

Although there is a definite art and science to networking, if you are focused on building authentic relationships, listening and learning you shouldn’t have difficulty making the event worth your time.

Here are a couple of quick tips to help you turn socializing into profit.

1- Take the idea of “working” out of your mind when you think of networking.

Although networking events are exhausting and time consuming, if you focus on building genuine relationships more than just handing out business cards you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.  Networking, when done properly can lead to lucrative joint ventures and relationships that can not only benefit your bottom line but also provide you with business mentors and partners who can help you navigate this unknown territory.

2- Create genuine relationships.

The best networking comes from creating genuine relationships not just repeating your company verbiage and hoping for the best.  Industry insiders agree that treating your business acquaintances as friends rather than potential customers or partners will help you further the relationship. Before you go into your pitch, try to find something in common and keep the conversation light.

As with any relationship, it’s imperative to show you care.

3- Build a network.

The best way to build a network and look like an authority in your field is to bring people together who can benefit from knowing each other and working together.  An abundance mentality is key in this emerging industry so don’t worry that you might lose a potential sale if you introduce people who could wind up working together.  As the facilitator of the relationship you will position yourself as an authority and someone in-the-know.  By positioning yourself as an authority or “super-connector” you are more likely to become successful and grow your business in the long run so don’t be afraid to bring people together, connect and share.

4- Follow-up with your connections.

This might be the most important step to turn socializing into profit.

Even if you feel like you need 10 days in the Caribbean to recover from talking and smiling so much, if you don’t follow-up with the connections you’ve made or continue to foster the networks you’ve created you have completely wasted your time.

This is the most important and most overlooked step in the entire networking strategy.  You absolutely have to check back in with your connections.  Whether it’s the next day or the next month by showing up in the ways that you said you would you will position yourself as someone worth doing business with.