Online jobs for college students and graduates

The Best Online Jobs For College Students and Graduates

Online jobs for college students and graduates is a really hot topic right now because many young people want more out of life than a dead-end job or a boring cubicle.  And that’s assuming you can even get one of those jobs.

Whether you’re a college student currently enrolled in classes or a college graduate looking for a job, there are tons of opportunities online.  You just have to know where to find them.

Online jobs for college students and graduates

There are great online jobs for college students and grads, you just have to find them.

Here is a short list of the hottest online jobs for college students and grads and some details on how you can get started on the Internet.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs for college students and grads.

And, hopefully by now you know how to write! If you are comfortable creating essays, advertisements, press releases or writing articles this is a perfect online job for you!  Check out Freelancer ( or Guru ( to look for part-time writing gigs.

Virtual Assistant

Because the economy is pretty shitty and budgets are tight, more and more companies look to save money by hiring independent consultants rather than full-time employees.  Because of this, a position as a virtual assistant can be a very lucrative online job for college students and grads.

As a virtual assistant, you will perform tasks such as answering phones, replying to customer questions, writing letters and solving problems just to name a few.  If you have any administrative assistance experience (or again writing experience) check out Monster ( to find an online gig as a virtual assistant.

Tutor & Teacher

Being a virtual teacher is an awesome online job for college students and graduates alike.  If you have expertise or specific knowledge of a certain subject, check out or to find a position that fits your skill set.

Survey Opps

I’m sure you’ve heard about the gigs where you take surveys and get paid.  Some of them sound too good to be true, I know.  But, there are some opportunities out there that are legit and if you find a good one this can be a kick-ass online job for college students and grads.

I recommend for the best online survey opportunities.  I have a few friends who have made nice part-time money using this service.


I personally believe that with the right training and skill set blogging can be the most lucrative online job for college students and grads.  Think, he’s young and has made a fortune from his blog.

Although it’s NOT easy, it’s not rocket science either.  There are several ways to monetize a blog with ad sales being the most popular.  Check out for inspiration and to hear stories from successful bloggers who are well on their way to millions in their late teens and early 20s.


If you are frustrated by the job market, whether you’re looking for part-time or post graduate work, you’re not alone.  Job prospects for young people are really dim right now with the older generations competing for jobs that used to be beneath them.  In some cases your only option will be to find an online job opportunity.

So here is a MUST READ resource to help you overcome the fear and anxiety that is totally normal for our age group.  This book is so fucking awesome I don’t know where to begin other than to tell you to READ IT!

You Don’t Need A Job You Need Guts by Ashley Ambirge

Remember, you’re not alone!  You don’t have to follow the herd and try to get a boring job that you hate in some brightly lit cubicle just because your parents or mentors say you should.

You can find your own way and create your own destiny.  Despite the shitty job market, with the right skill set, training and attitude you can create the freedom of time and money you deserve using the Internet.

Tell your friends and classmates not to give up hope.  There really are some amazing online jobs for college students and grads out there.