Slay Those Demons

So you want to be a successful entrepreneur huh?  You must be nuts!

Haa haa KIDDING.

When you look deep within, what do you see as your greatest obstacle?

Most entrepreneurs (when we’re being super honest) will say that it’s fear that is holding them back.

Maybe it’s a fear of going too big too fast and losing the integrity of the company.

Maybe it’s a fear of taking on too much investment and worrying about paying it back or giving up a portion of the company.

Maybe it’s a fear that no one wants your next “amazing” product.

This list could be endless and most of us know all about that shitty 3am feeling…

…When the entrepreneurial demons come a callin’ with fear, doubt and insecurity.

Well in the spirit of Halloween I say F**K those demons!

As entrepreneurs we have no real options, no good ones anyway, but to conquer our fears and take that next bold step to make our companies thrive.

It’s time to stare down those demons that are holding us back and SLAY!

And, even though I literally just said it’s time to slay the demons, we should also remember that fear is a perfectly natural reaction that can even be advantageous.

It is reasonable to feel some fear before making a new key hire, negotiating a new contract or investing a large sum of money in new equipment.

This emotion of fear can be helpful by preventing irrational decision-making.

However, fear becomes a burden when it is disproportionate to the threat or challenges that lay ahead and is certainly something to watch for if it is paralyzing you from making important decisions that could propel your business forward.

So it is not a question of whether we experience fear because we all do.

Nor is it a question of whether those god-awful demons are going to show up in the middle of the night because they most certainly will.

The questions we must be asking ourselves are these:

Is this fear useful?

Is this fear an excuse to avoid getting shit done?

Is this fear centered around me becoming the most successful, radical version of myself?

Once we have a heart-to-heart with our personal demons we can determine how to best use our fears to propel our businesses and lives forward and step into the greatness that the world has in store for us.

…And if necessary slay those demons and tell fear to peace out.