Promote Yourself First Cause You’re Awesome!

Promote yourself first!  Why?  Because you’re awesome!  Duh

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting out on the Internet is trying to actively promote products or services, whether they be affiliate products or Network Marketing opportunities, before promoting themselves.

Why is this a terrible idea?  Because you want your prospects to get to know you and how awesome you are before you just dump the sales pitch onto them.

People can smell and sense the desperate, used car salesman approach to business from a mile away.  And, if you’re only in it to make a quick buck you will certainly turn off potential prospects and future clients before they’ve gotten to know how awesome you are.

You absolutely must lead with VALUE!  Why should someone trust you or do business with you? Why should someone buy from you when there are literally a zillion and one other marketers online vying for their attention and hard earned dollars?

Ask yourself, why would someone want to do business with me?  Besides the obvious answer “cause I’m awesome” you need to know WHY you’re awesome and you need to communicate this to your audience.

Ok let’s talk about what it means to provide VALUE!  Providing value means that you are willing to give out information that not only helps people but also builds your credibility as an expert.  You need to go the extra mile to help your prospects understand why you are awesome and why they should do business with you.

One of the best ways to go about this is through blogging and creating FREE info products such as a report, Ebook or video training series.  If you look around the Internet you will see that ALL of the gurus are doing this.  Every single successful Internet Marketer is providing value and going above and beyond the basics to help others find solutions to their problems.

Once you provide this kind of value and these kinds of solutions your awesomeness will not only become obvious but contagious.  People will literally want to to business with you because they want to be close to you so they can feel the awesomeness radiate onto them.

Trust me, I know this cause I’m awesome!  Haa haa…