Only One Side: LOVE


There’s really not much more to say here.  LOVE is the ONLY way and there is ONLY ONE SIDE!

Whether you are loving yourself, your neighbor or your customer, it is truly the only answer.

Cannabis asks us to look more deeply into that love as she shows us her true power to heal as well as to unite the people against outdated ideas and ways of thinking.  In many ways she is a reflection of what is coming up in our communities, our countries and our world…

…She gives us the power to ask smart questions, reject the status quo that leaves people sick, uncared for and destitute and move past an ideology that has not worked in quite some time, if ever.

Today we have a choice.  We can take a stand for what we know is right or we can bury our heads in the sand and say “not me.”

Cannabis asks us to take that stand.  Cannabis shows us that love and healing is possible and in fact the only way.  We have so much to learn from our Divine Earth Mother and the plant medicine that grows in her loving soil.  We have so much of that love and learning to share with one another.

So let’s do it!  Whether you make your customers feel even more appreciated than they did before or you get your message of positivity out to more people than you did before…or you share the medicine with those who need it, or you donate a proceed of your profits…it really doesn’t matter.

The point is to choose the only side that matters: LOVE and to let the love and healing power of Cannabis guide you to always do the right thing even if it’s scary.