Online Entrepreneurs Need Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret To Be Successful

If you are an online entrepreneur or a home business owner, Seinfeld’s productivity secret also known as “Don’t Break The Chain” can really help you stay focused.

And as usual, Lifehacker has a brilliant piece on how to use this productivity secret to help you with your business and your life.

As an online entrepreneur you already know what a bitch procrastination can be.  I would say it’s especially hard to avoid procrastinating when running your business from home as there are many more distractions to lure you away from your revenue generating, must-do tasks.

I swear one of these days I’m going to get an office somewhere outside my house. Although I’d still have the Internet with all the gossip sites and Facebook bullshit to distract me.  So I guess it doesn’t matter, procrastination is procrastination.

There are a million ways to procrastinate but only one way to use Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret aka Don’t Break The Chain.

Here is the breakdown of this simple concept…

For more details visit the Lifehacker article here:

The Don’t Break The Chain concept is simple: spend some amount of time doing a specific activity every day and when you do cross it off on your calendar using an X.  These Xs create a chain showing your progress.  If you don’t do a specific task on your calendar for that day, you don’t get an X and the chain is broken.

Although this concept can be applied in many areas of life, for the online entrepreneur it is best used to create a chain of Xs next to revenue generating activities.

Quick breakdown of the process:

  • Figure out your goals.
  • Set daily minimums for each goal
  • Set your boundaries and rules
  • Print out a calendar for each goal and label it with that goal
  • Buy a big marker to make your Xs

Sounds pretty simple right?  Well it is, in theory but like most things it’s the actual DOING that is the challenge.

Here is the scoop.  If you are an online entrepreneur or just want to be one, it takes discipline to WORK your ASS OFF!  Bottom line.  And to be successful you need to WORK your ASS OFF!

No one is going to come over to your house or office and make you work.  No one really cares if you’re successful or not except you.  Sorry but they don’t.  And your friends and family may not even understand what you do or why you’re doing it so they may be the worst support system in the world.  That’s why it’s truly up to you.

So whether you implement Seinfeld’s productivity secret or one you find somewhere else, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing something to stay focused and on task.

Luckily there are a zillion and one helpful books for online entrepreneurs, home business owners and Internet Marketers like “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.

I highly recommend that you read this book!  It compliments the “Don’t Break The Chain” strategy that Seinfeld and many other successful people use and is a crucial component to building an online business.

Ok so to sum it all up, just in case you were procrastinating while reading this…

Seinfeld’s productivity secret AKA Don’t Break The Chain is a kick-ass way to help you stay focused while building or accelerating your business.  Used in conjunction with Darren Hardy’s Book “The Compound Effect”, you will see the difference in your daily productivity right away.

The Bottom Line

If you want to make great money as an online entrepreneur you need a fool-proof success strategy in place to keep you focused on revenue generating tasks.