Looking To Create Customer Loyalty?


Looking to create customer loyalty?

Get to know them!

Why customer loyalty?

When it comes to growing your business, customer engagement and loyalty is wildly important.  Customers who love your business provide a platform to grow from and offer you as a business owner an opportunity to provide more value and sell more products or services.

These engaged and loyal customers are more likely to purchase more frequently or in larger doses because they already know and love your brand.

Additionally, people tend to associate with other people who are like them.  And in this day and age of social media, that means that your existing customers who love your business are your best brand advocates as they can help cut through the noise and boost your sales by simple word of mouth marketing.



 Create your tribe and they will bring theirs.

Again this comes down to creating real and lasting relationships with your customers by providing value and going above and beyond the competition.  Your customers will turn into your loyal, raving fans and join your tribe if they feel special and important.  Customer loyalty comes from more than sales.  This is a business concept that is founded on the principle of relationships and value.



Bribery no longer works.

In an attempt to create customer loyalty, most businesses tend to focus on bribery more than loyalty.  Many businesses offer a points system per dollars spent or a by one get one free type of program instead of building a tribe and creating real relationships.

In both instances above what’s being offered is a discount and in discounting you are actually competing on price, not on value.  Remember you always want to compete on value as competing on price often attracts the wrong type of customers and could wind up ruining your margins and your business.



Customize your approach.

Take the time to find out exactly what your customers want and need and tailor your approach to meet those needs.  Unlike traditional loyalty programs that rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, your personalized approach is more likely to build your tribe and attract new customers via the oh-so-powerful tactic of word of mouth marketing.



How to build your tribe.

Listen, listen, listen!

Loyalty is about creating relationships.  It’s about listening to your prospects and customers and then using that information you have gathered to build real connections and make your tribe feel welcome.

You do this by offering things that go above and beyond your products and services such as outstanding customer service, providing a great experience or being part of the community.

Take the time necessary to listen and build your tribe and they will in turn reward you with their loyalty.