Leading With Ego or Vision



As a business owner with a big vision, it’s easy to let one’s ego take over and mistakenly think that no one else can implement the vision as well.

Fortunately we all have the power of choice.  We can choose to step into the role of visionary leader, which involves trust and delegation.  Or, we can let our egos dictate each and every move and keep ourselves busy with minor decisions and day-to-day tasks for the sake of remaining “in control” of everything.

The illusion of control comes from simply not trusting ones team and that my friend is on YOU.   It’s up to YOU to teach and empower your team to handle the day-to-day tasks so you can get out there and build the business.

Whether you own a warehouse, a dispensary or a law firm you absolutely must get out of your own way and delegate so you can focus on the crucial task of business building.

Remember! Visionary leadership is what it takes to grow and scale your company and you cannot do this if you’re doing busy work.

And it all starts with delegation.



How do you delegate?

Delegation doesn’t mean that you hand over the whole company to one person or one team and then peace out to Kauai.  Leadership comes from the top down so it’s important to remain plugged in as a leader while allowing your team to earn the trust necessary to take over important tasks.

You have to give your team a chance to prove that they’re capable. Empowering your employees to take ownership and responsibility will not only create a better work environment for everyone but it will also free up your precious time to focus on the business of growth and expansion.

Remember!  None of this is easy if you are allowing yourself to lead from ego rather than vision.

It’s up to YOU to step into a leadership role and create an environment of trust.

6 tips to remain in leadership and delegate:



Groom and pick the right person.

Well duh!  Obviously you want to take the time needed to decide who is the best team member for any given task or project.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses so get to know your employees and groom the right person for each job.



Explain the results: what does success look like?

Remember, delegation without details is a disaster.  What does success actually look like?  What will it take to achieve the desired end result?  Once you know this, be really clear with your team member(s) and employees.  In most cases they want to succeed and want your approval.  Keep in mind that to be unclear is to be unkind.



Avoid misunderstandings.

Make sure things are crystal clear.  Again it comes down to creating clear expectations and having a clear vision of what success looks like and means to you.  And yes this means having meetings, email check-ins and Q/A with your team members.   Oh my god!  Human interaction – what a concept.



Give away the whole task.

When employees have ownership over an entire project or task they are more likely to take pride in their work and connect on a deeper level to the end result.



Don’t interfere.

Get out of your own way here.  Remember, successful business owners know how to check their egos at the door.  Yes you want to give feedback and constructive criticism and yes you want to make sure that your team is living up to your expectations.  However, you don’t want to take their power away by interfering with every little detail.  Think about how you can educate and empower your team to do what you want them to do.



Stay connected to the progress.

Stay connected with the process as well as the progress so you can overcome any confusion or misunderstandings. And don’t forget to tell your team how they are doing.  If someone is doing a great job, tell him or her!  If your team members have anxiety or are unclear about your expectations, they cannot perform well.

By enabling your team to step into their power you will free up your time and energy to truly grow and scale your company.  Keep in mind that being self-employed is different than being a business owner.

Hint: the real money is in the latter!