It Takes Courage & Balls…

It takes a shit-load of courage to deviate from the norm, create social change, build an industry that serves the people and face a future that is filled with uncertainty.

True leaders look their fears in dead in the eye and say “you don’t f**k’n scare me at all.”

For successful entrepreneurs, courage and leadership go hand-in hand.  Nowhere is this truer than cannabis.

The work we are doing is no joke and the risk tolerance required to crush it is never ending.

Often times when we think of great leadership, we envision someone who exudes confidence and strength.  There are many entrepreneurs who think that to lead their companies they must present a permanent image of “I got this” …

…one of never ending self-assuredness and fearlessness.

True leaders are the ones who continue to walk the path even when they’re not confident.

They let their teams know that they don’t have all of the answers or a crystal ball to see the future.  They are vulnerable, real and ballsy.

Always and forever be willing to take risks!

Being an entrepreneurial leader in the cannabis game means having the courage to go to places literally no one has gone before and the balls to take a risk without the guarantee of success.

This is the type of courage that it takes to deviate from the norm, create social change and build an industry from the ground up.

Remember, courage is not the absence of fear.  It’s being afraid, acknowledging that fear and pushing ahead toward your goal anyway, knowing that along the way you will gain the needed skills and capabilities to achieve your goal, which will not only make you and your company successful but will also result in greater confidence for you and your team.

Today and always, you should be proud of yourself for all that you do to keep the cannabis train moving forward.