I Bet You Love Tha Hustle!



I’m willing to bet that you are 1000% committed to your cannabis business.

So committed in fact that you may love (or think you love):

Late nights.

Early mornings.

Long days.

Short weekends.

Quick lunches.

Dinner at your desk.

Skipped exercise classes.

23 projects on the back burner.

14 Chrome tabs open.

2,023 unread emails.



And a million reasons why you feel that working this hard is completely justified.

Yes, you are a HUSTLA of the very best kind!  Yes you hustle harder than most of your friends and family, yes you believe in yourself and your vision…

And if you’re anything like me, you probably take pride in this hustle.



But maybe, just maybe you’re also asking yourself,

“Is this really sustainable? Can I run at this pace forever?  What about my social life?  What about my family?”

“How long do I have to work this hard before I see results?”

“When is it time to start outsourcing tasks so I can scale my business?”



The answer is…it’s time when you say it’s time!

You see, the hustle is amazing; it’s fun, it’s invigorating and it’s rewarding when you see that hustle come together and you reach your goals.

However, we all know that working around the clock is simply not sustainable.

So my advice to you (and to myself) is to make a plan!



Make a plan for how you can transition out of the role of the almighty HUSTLA who does EVERYTHING and into the role of the almighty HUSTLA who focuses on BUSINESS BUILDING.

You cannot possibly do it all forever!  You cannot possibly know everything!  You cannot grow and scale your business if you’re busy micromanaging every teeny detail.

You’ve got to devise a plan for how you can step out of the day-to-day and focus on the BIG PICTURE!



If you have control issues, I encourage (no I implore) you to deal with them and get over them.  You will never scale and build your business if you absolutely must have your hands in every little project.

Build a team you can trust and then let them shine.

Become the leader you were born to be and your business will grow faster than you expect.

Ok this is all well and good but I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “How will I know when to start outsourcing?”

Well I’ve got you covered.



Here are a couple of easy questions you can ask yourself to determine if and when the time is right to outsource:

Is the task that needs to be done related to your core product or service?  If not and certainly if the task at hand is something that you do not excel at, then outsource.

Is there a competitive advantage to doing this work in-house? For example, as a dispensary owner you probably don’t need to have your own IT department in your building as this added cost is not likely to help you sell more cannabis.

However, you may sell more products by having a budtender on staff that also understands technology and basic marketing functions such as day-to-day social media.

Are the costs associated with the desired service lower with a contract worker outside of your organization vs the time and manpower it takes to get it done in-house?

Obviously this is a no-brainer.  Outsource!

Do you fully understand the nuances and ins and outs of the tasks that need to be done?

Again, if you’re not proficient at something then stop wasting time trying to become the guru.  Outsource these tasks and move on.

If you want to scale your business and create an impact in your community and within the cannabis community at large, it’s imperative that you focus your time on business building tasks and step into the role of visionary leader.