How To Get The Attention You Deserve!


Public relations is an important component of your marketing and outreach efforts and should involve a clear and concise strategy.

So how do cannabusiness owners who are unable to engage in traditional public relations outreach such as sending samples of their product to various influencers, use PR to their advantage?

We get creative!  And why do we do this?

Because we’re special and we give a damn!  DUH!

One of the best ways to get the press to notice you is through good old fashioned community service and outreach programs.

Basically if you care about your community you’re not only a hell of a lot cooler than the other guy or gal but you’re also more likely to get the attention you deserve.

Regardless of what kind of community service and outreach programs you implement the principles of getting the word out and crafting your plan are the same as if you’re a huge corporation who is launching a new, federally legal product.

In other words, you need to be strategic and you need to plan ahead.

Here are a few key success principles you should consider as you go through the process of assembling your kick-ass plan:

Know your audience: (broken record, broken record, broken record)

What kind of community service/outreach projects would your audience connect to most?  It can be as simple as asking your customers what they’re passionate about.  If you find that the majority of your audience are environmentalists for example, then consider creating a program where you give away free joints to people who help pick up trash in your community.

Be patient:

There is a huge tendency to get excited and anxious and want to get your story out LIKE RIGHT NOW!  Whether it’s the worry that your competition is going to beat you to the punch or an overwhelming need to be part of the discussion, you can totally destroy all of your hard work and momentum if you go out to the world with a half-ass plan.  Craft your story carefully and be mindful to tell it at the right time to the right people for maximum impact.

Focus on outcomes:

What do you want the community to feel and/or do when they hear about you and your amazing work? Make sure your activities are part of a broader strategy and that they are aligned with the overall goal of your outreach program.

Create a story not just news:

When you create a narrative about your company that sparks your audience’s emotions you are more likely to have that story shared.  Journalists are busy and jaded (I majored in Journalism in college – I can say that) and it’s very easy for them to dismiss your press release as noise and clutter rather than something of substance that is worth sharing with their readers.

Be humble:

Look we both know that you’re awesome but if your story only focuses on patting yourself on the back for your outreach, you’re likely to be overlooked by the press.  Focus on your community and WHY it’s important to you to be part of the solution.  Be proud but be mindful of not bragging.  Reach out to customers and influencers to help you tell your story.  If your messaging is supported by an outside party, you are more likely to develop credibility with the press.

Remember!… Public relations is an ongoing effort.  If you’re only doing community service once in a while to get press, then it may not work as well.  Instead think about building your outreach efforts into your overall marketing plan for maximum results.

Plus, it feels good!

Remember doing well by doing good is a very powerful business concept.