Happy Valentines Day? How a cheesy Hallmark holiday can positively impact your Internet business.

Happy Valentines Day!

Really?  Am I serious?  I’m not usually one to get all caught up in these cheesy sort of wannabe holidays, but here I am wishing you and everyone a very Happy Valentines Day.

Wow I must be losing it.   Or..could it be that I’m actually onto something here?

This morning I received an awesome email from Katie Freiling, who is one of my idols, gurus and mentors.  I love this woman (although I’ve never met her in person) and look forward to her emails every week.  Not only is she physically gorgeous (a real hotty) but she’s got the goods to back that shit up.  Meaning, she is equally as gorgeous on the inside.

Ok enough about why Katie is da bomb…let’s get down to the message.

What did her email say that got me fired up about Valentines Day as it relates to a successful Internet business?  These simple but powerful words:

“I truly feel that one of the best gifts of love we can give another is the gift of our
PRESENCE…That means being quiet inside and not allowing the monkey mind to be jumping around from thought to thought, thinking about what you’re going to say next or how the conversation relates back to you…
It means truly paying attention, listening… intently and deeply.”

Good stuff huh?  So how does this PRESENCE relate to your business?

It’s all about controlling the monkey mind and preventing yourself from just bouncing from one idea to the next without ever getting anything done.

Also and maybe the most important point as it relates to PRESENCE is actively listening.  If you want to be successful on the Internet it not only takes an audience (clients, subscribers, followers) but it takes the skills to actively LISTEN to what your audience is wanting and needing from you and not just thinking about your own bottom line.  People can smell that used car salesman vibe from a mile away.

If your business is ONLY about how awesome YOU ARE (which you are) you may miss out on the key needs of your prospects and not only lose their interest but likely lose any future sales you may have gotten from them.

Actively listening and staying present is a form of love.  Obviously you’re not going to fall in love with your prospects or clients but by showing them love and respect through listening and staying present you will form bonds that will stand the test of time and is very likely to help you make some good money while you’re at it.

Go ahead start practicing your listening skills right now! Got a sweety or a friend who could use an ear?  Got a prospect or client who could use some extra attention?

Call them or email them.  Offer to have a friend over or have a phone convo with your prospect.  And then when the person is there telling you their fears, worries and/or triumphs  actually listen to them!  Stay present, offer solutions tailored to their issues and practice being a great friend, leader, lover and person!

I promise you will see the results in your personal and professional lives before you know it.

And finally, here’s a lil ditty that has been in my head all day for some reason.  It’s a Mos Def song “Undeniable”.  I haven’t listened to Mos in awhile so I’m not sure how the song popped into my head but it’s perfect for today.

“Yea, the undeniable, spread love y’all
Spread love… it’s the Brooklyn way
Spread love… every day, Brooklyn way, can’t deny, no
matter how hard you try
Can’t deny, can’t deny, can’t deny
spread love you can give us a one”

Love you all!


BTW, the graphic accompanying this post is from Freaknik The Musical, possibly the best adult swim cartoon movie Cartoon Network has ever done!  Written and produced by T-Pain it stars everyone from Lil Wayne to Snoop Dog to Cee Lo.  You can buy it on ITunes.  The message is positive and amazing.

Da Love Bomb!