Getting Blacklisted from YouTube and The Perils of Being An Online Entrepreneur

Warning!  Swearing and ranting…keep reading only if you can deal with such things…


Well it happened and I have no idea why.

Yup, just like that my account was terminated on YouTube with no explanation and no warning.

But first here is a little background about me and my business.

The facts:

1-    I am NOT a Network Marketer.  In fact (and no offense to the legit, ethical MLMers out there), I hate that shit.  I have no interest in hawking health and wellness crap or any other products to build downlines, crosslines and whatever.

(Side note, in the past I attempted to build a successful Network Marketing business but it wasn’t for me.  However, I have seen MLM work for some people and even talk about it on my blog as a viable option for some people in this economy.  I however am not one of those people.  If you are, that’s great!  You have the potential to make some serious cash.)

And I have mad respect for my friends and colleagues who are kicking ass in MLM.

2-    I am NOT promoting any sort of biz opp schemes, the kind where I take your hard-earned money in exchange for empty promises of riches and wealth.  In fact if you’ve been paying attention to my emails or following me on Facebook, you’d know that I explicitly warn our friends and age group to look out for those sorts of scams.

3-    I am NOT in the Porn industry…yet… but if all else fails you never know.

Ok that’s obviously a joke!  Heavy sarcasm!!

Nuff said.

So WTF YouTube?

Gettting an answer out of them is like trying to bail someone out of Guantanamo…it aint’ gonna happen.

So, what did I do when I found out?  Well honestly, I had a good cry.  Sorry but that’s the truth.  This online game is fucking tough and you better be prepared to give your blood, sweat and tears if you want to be successful.  Ok maybe not your blood.

After I got over feeling sorry for myself and taking this shit personally I poured myself a stiff drink and got back to work.

And that’s exactly the proper move.  Take a moment to freak out, pour a drink and get back to it.

Because if you don’t move forward in your business and figure out how to make a delicious lemony cocktail out of the lemons that life and business will inevitably hand you, you’re fucked.

Plain and simple.

Ok so now you know what I DON’T do as far as my business, let’s talk about what I DO DO

He he he he I said Do Do (queue Beavis and Butthead)

I am on a serious mission to help our age group out of this shitty economic situation we’re in.  With massive school loans, high interest rates on these loans and basically no job prospects, our crew is pretty screwed.

So in that light, I’ve committed myself to helping people just like YOU overcome these hurdles. And, in many instances I’m helping people just like you for FREE! Why?  Because someone has to show you that there is a better way so why not have that someone be ME!

So how do I make money?

Well firstly I have quite a nice amount of paying clients who pay me for coaching and consulting work.  In some cases I can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a few short hours of my time.

Thanks clients!

Btw, you can have these sorts of clients as well.

In other instances I promote an online business training company which I firmly stand behind and use myself for my business.  This is direct sales where I make a commission up front, no residuals, no downline.

And last-but-not-least there are the affiliate products.  I have an arsenal of products and services like the one above that I use in my business and recommend to others.  In some cases I make a $5 commission in other cases I make a $5k commission.  But I never, ever, ever promote a product or service that I don’t personally use and stand behind.  And I never promote a product or service that is not a good fit for my individual client’s needs…

Why?  Because I’m not a fucking shade ball.

Ok let’s get back to the mission to help you all overcome the stresses of the current economy.

Here’s the deal: if your business is only about YOUR bottom line and not about helping other people or making the world better, you won’t achieve what you want in the end.

Sure you might make some money but chances are you’ll never truly be happy.

So it’s in that light and spirit of abundance that I created this mission to help our age group.

And in doing so, I’m meeting so many awesome people and having a blast.

Now if you want to learn how you can do something similar…taking your creative energy, passions and talents and turning them into a lucrative online business, you’re in the right place.

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you are definitely in the WRONG place my friend and I suggest you holler at the dude sitting on the rented BMW promising you the world.

My mission is all about helping YOU foster your creative energy and turning it into Internet gold.

No schemes, no downlines, no bullshit.

And if YouTube doesn’t like it?  Too fucking bad…

Ahh if only I were that powerful… YouTube is owned by Google, the most powerful technology company in the world.

In this case, I can’t fight the proverbial city hall and I don’t intend to.

So?  I’m off to Vimeo, which is way cooler anyway!

Hope to see you there,


PS here is a video I made telling you why it’s important to ask for help when building your online business.

Check it out!