Fear As A Tail Wind




Is anyone else obsessed with HBO’s The Defiant Ones?  If you’re not obsessed you should check it out because it’s sooooo good!

The show details the rise of two of the greatest music legends of our time:

Jimmy Iovine who is a very famous music producer (think John Lennon, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Knicks etc) and the founder of Interscope records.


The one-and-only Dr. Dre (this guy probably doesn’t need much of an explanation).

It’s incredible!  And who knew?…

…Full of amazing business advice too.

In episode two, Jimmy Iovine talks about using fear as a tail wind and a motivator vs using it as a headwind or obstacle.  This line got me so fired up and excited that I added it to my vision board.

I love the idea of using fear as a way to push through rather than as a way to get frustrated and give up.  All-to-often entrepreneurs are either afraid to try or are afraid to take their businesses to the next step.  All because of a fear of failure.  But as Jimmy says, “once you get that fear behind you, it is an amazing motivator.”

In a recent interview with Esquire Jimmy talks more about this concept.

“Fear wants to be a headwind. If you could practice judo and make it a tailwind, it’s so powerful. You gotta get it to push you forward. Be willing to fail. The greats have failed. You get punched enough times and you say, I lived through this. I’m going to take the fear and I’m going to go. You can get that fear behind you. Bruce Springsteen is as afraid as any of us, but he knows how to conquer it. If you’re great, that means you’re freaked out that the next day you’re not going to be great. You keep trying. Never be satisfied.”

Check out the Esquire article here:

And check out The Defiant Ones on HBO – it’s worth getting obsessed over.