Easy Brand Boosters for Your Cannabusiness

Once you’ve defined your Unique Awesomeness and have begun to think about how you will visually convey this unique awesomeness to your target audience, it’s time to build your cannabis brand and most importantly use your beautiful branding properly.


Remember your branding is not a set it and forget it component of your business!

However, if you focus on a few simple but impactful brand boosters you can easily continue to strengthen your image in the community and reach the right audience with your messaging.

Start with simple things like keeping your business cards up to date and visually aligned with your values and your brand’s promise.  Make sure your website is easy to navigate and that your employees are aligned with your unique awesomeness and acting like living advertisements for your company.

Make sure that all of your signage whether it is a banner outside of your dispensary or collateral at a trade show is up-to-date, hip and relevant.  Your signage conveys an instant message about your business and if it’s boring then it’s not going to have an impact.  It is also important to make sure that the visuals on the signage such as the colors, the font and the spacing between your logo and business name all match your original branding guidelines.


Another easy brand booster is in your email signature.  If you have a tagline or hashtag that you’re using in your marketing efforts it’s really helpful to have them in your email signature.  Many business owners use a mini version of their logo in their email signature as well.  This is another great way to continually and visually remind your prospects and customers of who you are and why you’re awesome.


Of course your social media efforts are massively important when it comes to boosting your brand and the best part about social media is that it’s FREE!  Remember that you want to actively engage with your audience on social and avoid over hyping and over selling.  Get creative here!  Your audience wants to connect with you.  Start by thinking deeply about what your brand means and what your brand’s promise is to your customers and then brainstorm some creative ways to convey that promise to your audience without just spewing promotion after promotion.


Last-but-not-least your WEBSITE!  Take a look at your site, what does it say about your visually?  What does it say about you literally in its copy?  In order to have the most impact with your audience you will want to make sure that your website is easy to navigate, easy to read and most importantly that it reflects your beautiful branding and your brand’s promise to your customers.


Another thing to consider is whether your site is responsive or works on mobile devises.  It’s 2016 and if you’re not aware of the impact of mobile devises it might be time to do some homework.