Don’t Be Fake

Authenticity Equals Loyalty

And Loyalty Equals Cash for Your Business

Plain and simple.

Aka Don’t Be Fake

Brand authenticity is wildly important to consumers in today’s digitally over saturated society.

Staying true to your brand, valuing your customers and showing that you care about more than your profits is just as important as the products and services you offer.

While consistent branding is and will always be a crucial component in your business, staying true to your company’s core beliefs will set you and your business apart.

The first step toward maintaining this authenticity is to identify your values.  From establishing your core principles with key stakeholders to communicating your values to new employees during the hiring process, they key is to be consistent across every level of your organization. 

Here are 3 ways to create an authentic brand and spread the love to your community and customers.

Stay True to Your Culture

Did you write a mission statement for your company?  Let’s hope so.  One of the best ways to stay true to your unique business culture is to not just write a mission statement but to actually live it!

I know this is revolutionary shit here.  Essentially it comes down to not being fake.

Don’t just pay lip service to your core beliefs, actually abide by them!  If you create a culture where living the values that you believe in is part of the job, employees become your greatest advocates.

And guess what happens when your employees are aligned with your culture?  They spread those good vibes out to your community of customers.

Win, win, win!

Constantly Reevaluate Everything!!..

…Except Your Core Principles

Obviously your business will not be the same in 5-10 years or when you’ve grown your team from 15 to 150.  So it’s ok to reevaluate things as you grow.  The only thing you don’t want to reevaluate or stray from are your core principles.

Identify these principles and carve them in stone (figuratively –  you don’t need to literally carve shit like a caveman).

Here’s the deal…no one likes a pretender or someone who is fake.  The same goes for your business.  Pretending to be something you’re not, even if you once were, will come off as fake and ain’t nobody got time to be brand loyal to that shit.

Hold Yourself and Your Team Accountable

There are so many aspects of business that come down to accountability and that my friend starts at the top with YOU!

Start by asking yourself, “What would the world be missing if my company didn’t exist?” And then make sure that you are holding yourself accountable to genuinely helping others through your work, your marketing, your outreach and of course your products and services.

Stay grounded in your true brand purpose and why you started your business in the first place.  Chances are you didn’t start this company to make your key stakeholders rich (although that is likely a nice side effect), but to help real people.

Keep that as your focus and your authenticity will shine through.

Remember the key is to be consistent across every level of your organization including your core beliefs, your brand promise and your internal day-to-day operations. 

Once you’ve dialed this in, the love and light will shine out to the world and people will be super stoked to do business with you.