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Detailed information for Area Code 859
General Information for Area Code 859
Country United States
State/Province Kentucky
Major City Lexington
Time Zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

Area code 859 serves the north central region of Kentucky. On a telephone keypad, 8-5-9 spells UKY, or University of Kentucky, located in Lexington. Area code 859 was created in 1999.

Area Code 859 Prefixes

  • 859-740-0829

    By:franz hägele Posted 23/09/20 05:59 AM 1
    Estimated caller location based on the area code for 859-740-0829 is in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • 859-275-8241

    By:anonymous Posted 22/09/20 19:45 PM 20
    1508 9.21.2020 Text received from: voip # serviced by Twilio - Inteliquent - SMS-Sybase365/MMS-SVR. Alissa with Supermajority wanting to know if a DEAD person is registered to vote and a person who has never had this phone #.
  • 859-277-6115

    By:adónis santos Posted 22/09/20 06:01 AM 12
    Extended vehicle warranty scam call. Identified as spam/scam call by T-Mobil service
  • 859-335-5663

    By:saana perala Posted 22/09/20 01:22 AM 4
    They call and don’t leave a message
  • 859-707-7788

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/20 19:26 PM 18
    1013 9.19.2020 voip number serviced by Onvoy, LLCPHOENIX, AZ . Missed call and called back, the person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
  • 859-948-9048

    By:WhoCalledMe.com Posted 21/09/20 00:49 AM 20
    Estimated caller location based on the area code for 859-948-9048 is in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • 859-868-3111

    By:عسل احمدی Posted 20/09/20 04:24 AM 20
    Multiple robocalls today from "Apple Support Advisor." Recorded message suggests I call "toll free" 208-252-0000. AREA CODE 208 IS NOT A TOLL FREE AREA CODE.
  • 859-743-4766

    By:anonymous Posted 20/09/20 03:27 AM 9
    Exact dates are very important .You were born on an exact date. The "Church Age" started on Pentecost Sunday May 22,33AD. May 21,1988 was the end of the "Church Age". God's Word contains many important dates and numbers. May 21,2011 was the beginning of
  • 859-967-8346

    By:asuncion gonzalez Posted 19/09/20 19:19 PM 17
    keeps calling, no message
  • 859-479-1741

    By:herbert nichols Posted 19/09/20 03:50 AM 15
    He called more 10 time seems that is robot., I don't know why he called.
  • 859-657-0446

    By:aline aanonsen Posted 19/09/20 01:56 AM 20
    Calls from this number are late in the evening and all the time. They never leave a message.
  • 859-252-0804

    By:anonymous Posted 18/09/20 14:08 PM 13
    I don't know if the number is source of spam or not, but me and others have received a call on whatsapp. I don't like that strangers call me
  • 859-554-4949

    By:justiniano carvalho Posted 18/09/20 13:22 PM 9
    0909 9.17.2020 Missed call from VoIP Fayetteville AR. Returned call: The call can not be completed as dialed please check the number and dial again 073T
  • 859-512-0500

    By:anonymous Posted 18/09/20 06:34 AM 7
    Was definitely a call center. Asked for my room mate on a number only I was associated with. Beware.
  • 859-935-4234

    By:anonymous Posted 18/09/20 04:05 AM 3
    This call was reported to the FCC by a consumer from Lexington, Kentucky on 2018-02-22
  • 859-217-3667

    By:marijan arlt Posted 18/09/20 01:50 AM 1
    Kept asking me for money to support the police, Every time I said NO, he asked again for a smaller amount. They called me 3 times in one day.
  • 859-281-2462

    By:pleun cuperus Posted 17/09/20 23:47 PM 18
    7th missed call from TEP (spoofed) yesterday, no voice message left. Will report to FTC and TEP. 1153 9.16.2020
  • 859-648-0540

    By:anonymous Posted 17/09/20 21:02 PM 11
    This is a scam on the elderly and any other unsuspected person. They say your SSN has been used for drug smuggling, money laundering, theft, etc. they go through all the motions and then want you to keep them on the phone while you literally drive to yo
  • 859-543-9564

    By:anonymous Posted 17/09/20 01:09 AM 19
    they are pretending to be from AutoNation on twitter Scammers
  • 859-279-4568

    By:anonymous Posted 16/09/20 18:44 PM 18
    Called from this number as a "Wireless Caller". "Said this is an important message for G...F.... Asked if this is the residence of G...F.... If this is the residence of GF, press 1, if not press 5." Did not respond or press anything just hung up, b