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General Information for Area Code 504
Country United States
State/Province Louisiana
Major City New Orleans
Time Zone Central (UTC-06:00)

Area code 504 serves the greater New Orleans area in Louisiana. Originally, 504 served the entire state.

Area Code 504 Prefixes

  • 504-510-0103

    By:anonymous Posted 26/09/20 17:35 PM 3
    Received following text message: Judy, Girls love GIANT dicks! We guarantee this will grow "it" at least 2.5 inches in less than 3 weeks. View this: ueasc.info/R5AXyjgmla
  • 504-491-2661

    By:anonymous Posted 26/09/20 16:28 PM 2
    Received following text message: Judy, Girls love GIANT dicks! We guarantee this will grow "it" at least 2.5 inches in less than 3 weeks. View this: ueasc.info/R5AXyjgmla
  • 504-384-6172

    By:celestine carpentier Posted 25/09/20 23:45 PM 5
  • 504-377-6730

    By:anonymous Posted 25/09/20 05:29 AM 19
    1305 9.24.2020 Missed call: TUCSON, AZ voip number serviced by Onvoy, LLC Calling back to this: Hello, and thanks for calling unfortunately all representatives are busy at the moment, if you would like be placed on our Do Not Call list...... Called a
  • 504-729-8483

    By:alexandra gilbert Posted 24/09/20 15:07 PM 4
  • 504-686-9132

    By:anonymous Posted 24/09/20 05:48 AM 13
    I have 4 calls back to back with the same message and 4 different phone numbers saying my account has been breached with my apple device. I do not own anything apple nor do I use any of their products the other 243-287-5275
  • 504-618-5179

    By:alison richards Posted 23/09/20 20:43 PM 3
    The gentleman who called gave his name as David Guess. When we asked if we could be of assistance, he stated that it was personal. He then added that it was about my boss' balls and commented .."is that personal enough for you". He was rude and vulger.
  • 504-296-6465

    By:colleen sutton Posted 22/09/20 13:50 PM 13
    Lake Centre For. This comes up on my caller I D when the call came from this number
  • 504-408-2258

    By:anonymous Posted 22/09/20 01:41 AM 7
    Calls our landline often. Never leaves a voicemail. We never answer.
  • 504-334-0045

    By:wichert spanjer Posted 21/09/20 14:27 PM 4
    Called numerous times but hangs up on voicemail!
  • 504-239-9341

    By:anonymous Posted 21/09/20 01:03 AM 20
    Claims to be from Blue Cross Blue Shield. This is not BCBS number, and Blue Cross has no reason to call me.
  • 504-666-3476

    By:nadeschda eibl Posted 19/09/20 19:18 PM 4
    Typical spam / robocall, or someone ghosting this number. Standard spam message left... press x to be removed from our list.
  • 504-667-5069

    By:carolina diez Posted 19/09/20 08:59 AM 7
    Mara from MoveOn.org sent me a text without my permission about how she wants me to help defeat Trump. How is it legal for these people to interrupt my movie night with their texts? I'm on the FTC and State of Florida Do Not Call List, but obviously the
  • 504-226-8630

    By:alison richards Posted 19/09/20 00:42 AM 16
    I did not recognize the number and let ring and they left a garbled message, something about "johnson davis and invention" if I heard it correctly
  • 504-455-6899

    By:anonymous Posted 18/09/20 18:13 PM 17
    Spam caller- need to block these things
  • 504-610-4432

    By:anonymous Posted 17/09/20 02:49 AM 3
    Amazon robo call scam trying to get credit card info
  • 504-251-2740

    By:ilian özer Posted 16/09/20 09:04 AM 19
    ATT sales call
  • 504-948-3447

    By:marilou blanchard Posted 16/09/20 06:58 AM 7
    Called from this number as a "Wireless Caller". "Said this is an important message for G...F.... Asked if this is the residence of G...F.... If this is the residence of GF, press 1, if not press 5." Did not respond or press anything just hung up, b
  • 504-434-3932

    By:anonymous Posted 16/09/20 04:25 AM 11
    Rrrrjjtrrjuuuytrr45iuuu the 55yyt6u6543333666677775533
  • 504-592-6760

    By:anonymous Posted 15/09/20 22:55 PM 16
    Partial Message about appearing before a judge pending a suspension of my social security number.