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  • 347-553-4227

    By:max thompson Posted 07/08/20 18:15 PM 11
    Person at this number has called at least 5 times in just this past week! Has called before as well. I have ignored the call previously as well. It has been too many times for too long. They need to stop!
  • 347-933-3041

    By:eivind alsos Posted 07/08/20 14:58 PM 5
    3rd phone call in 1 hour
  • 347-922-2646

    By:anonymous Posted 07/08/20 14:39 PM 4
    This person starts off sweet, but becomes like poison. Avoid at all costs.
  • 347-299-6284

    By:anonymous Posted 07/08/20 10:17 AM 10
    Just received a text message from this number asking for a political contribution. Scam
  • 347-672-2151

    By:mylan lucas Posted 07/08/20 05:14 AM 1
    Repeated calls. Called five times in the last 2 hours and continuously over the last month.
  • 347-571-5378

    By:vedat akan Posted 07/08/20 03:05 AM 20
    total scammer calling from this number offering inside track to SBA loans
  • 347-733-5371

    By:ece yıldırım Posted 07/08/20 01:18 AM 17
    They call asking for my mom but my mom passed away 4 years ago. I've talked to several representatives to take my mom off their list but they continue calling.
  • 347-589-6740

    By:alison richards Posted 07/08/20 00:51 AM 3
  • 347-377-7746

    By:gregory sullivan Posted 06/08/20 23:39 PM 14
    They call asking for my mom but my mom passed away 4 years ago. I've talked to several representatives to take my mom off their list but they continue calling.
  • 347-627-0474

    By:anonymous Posted 06/08/20 21:32 PM 20
    I missed this call while in the dentist seat, research reveals VoIP Phoenix with high Scam/Fraud. I called back: Hi this is Ashley, sorry I missed your call, I'm on the phone with another client. She wants to make a fair cash offer for my home, no compan
  • 347-763-8109

    By:nathanaël marie Posted 06/08/20 21:31 PM 17
    It's Precision Windows. I completed an on-line estimate for window replacement and they've been one of a million responders. They're just very persistent by phone.
  • 347-937-6901

    By:evan simmmons Posted 06/08/20 18:02 PM 5
    Fake ID "March of Dimes" toll free scam call. No message. Same scammer calls regularly using fake "March of Dimes" ID under different toll free numbers. Scam robocaller.
  • 347-219-8749

    By:anonymous Posted 06/08/20 07:13 AM 18
    Calls at least once a day, sometimes more since July.
  • 347-285-1253

    By:margie price Posted 06/08/20 06:44 AM 10
    Shows BGE our electric company
  • 347-349-9523

    By:misty griffin Posted 06/08/20 00:07 AM 19
    Scam. Caller I'd number was the number of the local police. caller left a message saying he was an investigator and had papers to serve me. Left this number to call 844 450-0848 and said to avoid legal action to call the number. I called the "caller I'd n
  • 347-995-6590

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/20 19:22 PM 11
    This flea bitten goat fucker calls 3-4 times a day--I have reported them to the do not fucking call me list on numerous occassions --and the government agency that runs the do not call list must be one of the goat fuckers calling everyone when we report--
  • 347-422-2753

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/20 11:35 AM 6
    Fake debt scammers
  • 347-414-2687

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/20 09:50 AM 16
    Says your social sercrity number is going to be terminated
  • 347-475-9741

    By:anonymous Posted 05/08/20 09:12 AM 7
    Calling my family members
  • 347-343-7942

    By:پارمیس رضایی Posted 05/08/20 07:46 AM 1
    Calling my family members