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  • 713-681-0976

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 02:07 AM 1
    This number called repeatedly (1:06pm, 1:08pm & 1:09pm), which kind of became alarming. I really thought it may have been some sort of emergency, so I answered. I think it's so weird how telemarketers call from "familiar" cell phone type numbers these day
  • 609-394-0095

    By:mandy robertson Posted 28/02/21 02:06 AM 1
    In the last month, I have received numerous messages from someone saying they are Mike with ESA and they want to let me know how I can lower my utility bill....sounds like a scam sales call.
  • 585-301-3153

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 02:04 AM 1
    No one there
  • 405-575-0398

    By:ebba ottersen Posted 28/02/21 02:03 AM 1
    Just got a call from this number.  If it\'s the Metropolitan Opera, I\'m not surprised.  I have attended ONE performance my entire life last November and have been BOMBARDED with calls and literature from them ever since.  It is unbelievable for what I ha
  • 423-244-4758

    By:annemarie perrin Posted 28/02/21 02:02 AM 1
    Car warranty
  • 518-654-9028

    By:suzanna mason Posted 28/02/21 02:01 AM 1
    Most likely political
  • 331-676-8649

    By:candela moreira Posted 28/02/21 02:00 AM 1
    John Michael Lovato and wife Amy Lynne Brant Lovato, 6315 South Mount Vista Dr, Taylorsville, UT 84129. His home phone number is 801 969-0067 his cell number is 801 833-8376 his work is 801 545-4154 the main number for work is 801 944-7000.  Email address
  • 518-650-1286

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 01:59 AM 1
    Most likely political
  • 252-297-1227

    By:alison richards Posted 28/02/21 01:58 AM 1
    November 5, 2013  Arizona.  Probably calling for $ as there are no elections I\'d need to vote on here.
  • 925-687-8300

    By:lasse de hek Posted 28/02/21 01:56 AM 2
    Warranty cutoff
  • 760-905-3384

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 01:55 AM 1
    This number just appeared on the bill . We have no connecton with Utah or this number . Toronto Canada
  • 876-536-0545

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 01:54 AM 2
    Publishers Clearing House Scam promising winnings of a prize of a few million dollars plus a new Denali. Told him I understood his call to be a scam and hung up.prior to hearing out the rest of his scam. Grifter/Caller offered name of Michael.
  • 401-303-9980

    By:marisvalda mendes Posted 28/02/21 01:53 AM 1
    Said I have a warrant out. And now I just got an email from jack Thomas attorney general?? When I tried to email. It said no email encrypted??? What the heck is going on??
  • 320-332-0134

    By:millie moore Posted 28/02/21 01:50 AM 1
    Robocall about car warranty expiring
  • 530-214-9134

    By:tonya robinson Posted 28/02/21 01:49 AM 1
    Robocall message from Suzi in "vehicle service dept"; robocall scam
  • 916-362-5362

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 01:48 AM 1
    This debt collector called me and I telephoned them. Those debt collectors were incredibly outrageous. They asked for my sister-in-law's driver's license number. I am thinking about filing a complaint. Next time they call I will tell them I'm going to sue
  • 443-530-0811

    By:owen margaret Posted 28/02/21 01:47 AM 1
    As scam
  • 916-588-2578

    By:isabelle thomas Posted 28/02/21 01:46 AM 1
    Received two calls today from this number but no one says anything when I answer.
  • 713-249-5250

    By:fedup Posted 28/02/21 01:44 AM 1
    Was a follow up from verizon live chat. total waste of time chatting with them weather they are from India or America. Verizon just plane stinks!!!! I pay for high speed and .74 mps download and.40 upload. Really bad. If you have a choice don't used veri
  • 469-243-6139

    By:anonymous Posted 28/02/21 01:43 AM 1
    Supposedly an ad targeting senior citizens for some type of medical device.  If the option on the message works, pressing 5 opts you out.

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