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  • 971-201-1224

    By:emilia wuori Posted 20/04/21 08:20 AM 2
    Got a text about a USPS package as well with a confirmation link. Definitely a scam.
  • 347-778-7847

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 08:19 AM 1
    I\\\'m just about fed up with these people. I called AT&T and asked how to block phone #s and they told me there was a monthly charge. I am moving anyway so I am just gonna change my # anyway. LOL
  • 909-841-9766

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 08:17 AM 1
  • 949-226-4293

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 08:16 AM 3
    USPS scam claiming my package information changed. Asked me to click on link.
  • 630-622-1590

    By:alison richards Posted 20/04/21 08:15 AM 1
    Telespammed my cell phone lying and claiming that I had signed up for a loan with them. I had no prior relationship with them and they spammed my phone despite my number being on the Do Not Call list.
  • 772-492-9689

    By:tristan jensen Posted 20/04/21 08:14 AM 1
    I'm in Minneapolis. Over the past couple of months, I've received three calls from 952-679-8729. My Caller ID shows HBW. I've never answered the phone when they call, and they don't leave a message. Glad to know it's nothing important.
  • 920-245-8313

    By:esther navarro Posted 20/04/21 08:12 AM 1
    Regarding loan application that I never filed for.
  • 510-330-5794

    By:brayden fernandez Posted 20/04/21 08:09 AM 1
    I used Kinko\'s last week and have been getting calls from this service for a few days now. They won\'t leave a message...
  • 251-327-1743

    By:lidia martinez Posted 20/04/21 08:07 AM 1
    No message
  • 313-879-2673

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 08:05 AM 2
    Probably someone u don't want to talk to.And i don't.
  • 206-445-7559

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 08:04 AM 1
    They wanted me to call the # they gave me about suspicious activity about an order. I didn't. I looked up the number with the feature on this app and it couldn't find a valid #. It said it came from Washington, USA.
  • 321-445-8438

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 08:03 AM 1
    I have made a calls to ATT.
  • 407-604-1713

    By:ignacio medina Posted 20/04/21 08:02 AM 1
    I, too, got a call from this guy, didn't answer, got msg on my recorder the same as those above. Obviously a SCAMMER! This was my first call, so I guess there will be followup calls. Not happy about that!
  • 780-863-9730

    By:austin jones Posted 20/04/21 08:00 AM 1
    They immediately called back and a Spanish speaking woman was talking with a Spanish speaking man in the background.
  • 417-208-2195

    By:indra van der togt Posted 20/04/21 07:59 AM 2
    Social Security Scam
  • 336-296-8212

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 07:58 AM 1
    I do not know these people I have no dealings with them they continued to call incessantly and do not leave messages
  • 513-657-7333

    By:klaus-günter wasserm Posted 20/04/21 07:57 AM 1
    A man keeps calling asking for my husband, who hasn\'t been home every time, but he won\'t leave a message. Has  called 4 times now.  After the last call my husband reported to the police who said they don\'t call for money donations. I just called the nu
  • 854-208-0001

    By:anonymous Posted 20/04/21 07:56 AM 1
    I\'ve had no telemarketer calls as long as I can remember on my cell phone, just received a call from 801-713-2020 while I was on another call. This is the 4th telemarketer today... the others were:315-207-4761310-405-6388800-739-0282Was I just lucky befo
  • 828-729-2532

    By:sophie jones Posted 20/04/21 07:54 AM 1
    Refused to give address. Said he was in NY then said he was in NC. Hung up abruptly.
  • 203-907-4219

    By:tonya robinson Posted 20/04/21 07:53 AM 1
    called but ofcourse i did not recognize the phone # so i didnt answer it.

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